About Us

We have the tools to help you succeed



Youth Learning and Cultural Institute (YLCI) in collaboration with the Alameda County Office of Education, provides transformative mentoring services that teach urban youth how to develop positive habits for successful lives. Our main focus is to provide these services during the period the youth are in the Juvenile Justice system. The goal of this service is to prepare the offenders for re-entry into the community.

Focusing on two main objectives:


In addition to focusing on troubled youth, the YLCI also strives to provide its resources for children who need Academic assitance Once a week in various subjects, math reading science computer skills art and recreation. All within a safe learning environment.

Educational and Recreational Field trips are also take from time to time so students can experience things they would not not normally get an opportunity for.


The Youth Learning and Cultural Institute is the place where youth come to discover their path to positive living.