Say NO to Violence

Set a standard, be an example...
Can I keep Violence Out of My Life?

Is an ongoing Violence Prevention program used at both YLCI after school program and various Group homes, Allen Temple Baptist Church, Healthy Oakland, and James Madison Elementary Schoo.

serviced 40 kids, 3 days a week by Edgar Powe.

It's a 7 week program in which youth take a hard look at the violence in their lives, what contributes to it, how it affects them and explores how they can reduce violence in their community via team/group games, discussion and utilizing movies. We kicked off this program with a pre-test to gauge the youth's perception and knowledge of violence. Participants learned value of non-violent conflict resolution and the importance of preventing physical, emotional, sexual and mental abuse.

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The Youth Learning & Cultural Institute uses the seven objectives of the "Can I Keep Violence out of My Life" Program developed by Advocates for Youth as the strategy framework for the youth violence prevention work.

Those objectives include the following: