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Successful Essay Writing




Course Description



Keeping the process simple and clear, struggling & emerging writers are able to apply the taught formula with successful results, gaining confidence as well as skills. Workshops utilize technology as well as “on-demand” timed essays to support test-taking and in-class, on-the-spot exams and assessments. These workshops will also improve the skill-sets and abilities of students taking the CAHSEE Essay Exam in Language Arts. College-bound juniors & seniors have the option to use this time to focus on college-going essays specifically for scholarships and UC Personal Statement Essays.

Students will gain proficiency and/or mastery of:

  • A structured, no-fail essay format for use in any class
  • In-class, on-demand essay writing skills
  • Essays for standardized tests
  • Writing a successful CAHSEE Essay
  • Juniors and Seniors have the option and opportunity to complete "The Personal Statement"
  • Essay for College Admission and Scholarship Essays



Grades: Middle School Grades 6 – 8 / High School Grades 9 - 12

Prerequisites: Able to write a compound sentence in English & must have a USB “flash-drive”

Requirements: Willingness to work diligently & complete assignments outside of class.

Tuition: $250 (includes 8 instructional sessions, pre & post assessments & 1 formal parent conference) Must be paid in full before services are provided.

Open Seats: Max 10 students per sess


Class Times
By Appointment

(510) 366-8850