Project CHANGE

A Center for Wellness....


CHANGE - Residential Therapeutic Community Clean
& Sober Independent Living

Change's mission is to turn around the lives of people in poverty, substance abusers, former felons, mentally and emotionally challenged, and others who have hit the bottom. We endeavor to empower our community to achieve its full potential by providing comprehensive development services.

Are you going through mental and emotional stress? If you are unhappy, depressed, anxious, grieving, and lonely or experiencing a lost meaning and purpose in life, then please contact us for help at CHANGE. We offer life changing experiences by providing a Residential Therapeutic Community. Our life change coaches will help you.



CHANGE offers two stages of therapy in order to create wellness. Our therapy is an in-depth conversation that will guide you into the matters of the heart. We provide skilled guidance in a safe, nurturing and confidential environment to explore deep personal growth and healing.

CHANGE is a social model that utilizes some therapeutic approaches: